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kichler deck light
Add style and functionality with our wide selection of deck and patio lighting.

With more than 60 styles and varieties of deck lights, we have the light to transform your deck or patio from simple to elegant.  Choose from such color options like bronze, brass, nickel and white and light options like led, low voltage and solar. Deck light can be installed on rails, steps or other vertical surfaces.

We carry brands including Kichler, Malibu, Brinkmann and Gama Sonic, so our quality is high, but prices are affordable.

If you need help selecting a deck light, be sure to read our Deck Lighting Buyers Guide below.

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LED Deck Lights
LED deck lights are a great choice for any deck. LEDs use less energy and almost never need replacing.
buy cheap low voltage deck lights
Low voltage deck lighting offers brighter light than solar deck lights, but takes longer to install
buy cheap solar deck lights online
Solar deck lights offer a fast and easy option for adding lighting to any patio or deck.

The Complete Guide to Selecting the Perfect Deck Light

So you're looking for options to tastefully create an ambiance for your backyard or light your walkway without causing an eyesore in your décor. With so many options, finding the right lights can be quite an undertaking. Here at eLightSpot.com, we like to try to make these decisions easier so that you can get what you need, when you need it. Below are the two main types of deck lights that we carry and some facts you should know about each so that you can make an informed decision.

Solar Deck Lights


  • Will work during a power outage
  • Use energy efficient LED bulbs
  • Repair costs are low or nonexistent due to few moveable parts
  • Solar energy is renewable
  • No energy costs
  • Easy to set-up and are more mobile than low voltage deck lights


  • Limited selection
  • Best used on horizontal surfaces that receive sunlight, like railings or deck floors.
  • As the energy depends on the sun, if it's cloudy outside, chances are you won't get a completely full battery charge.
  • Typically not as bright as low voltage lights.

Nuts and Bolts Of It All: Solar deck lights are an awesome choice because they provide their own energy by recharging its battery from the sun. Currently there is not a great selection of solar deck lights due to the places deck lights are typically installed which include under steps and other places that do not receive direct sunlight.

Product Suggestion:A good product to consider is the Brinkmann Patio Solar Landscape Light. It features a hanging hook and an adjustable stand as well as 2 amber LED lights and its own battery. The light can be removed from the hanging hook and placed on rail surfaces or table tops.

Low-Voltage Deck Lights


  • Great light quality
  • Saves on lighting costs by operating on 30 volts or less
  • Uses energy efficient LED bulbs
  • Enormous product selection


  • Requires somewhat involved installation
  • Requires a power main (most have a transformer already)
  • Dealing with electricity (even if it is low voltage) carries with it a shock and fire hazard.

Nuts and Bolts Of It All:Low voltage deck lights are great to light your deck and steps or to provide visibility and safety to your home. Installing them is a bit more complicated than just solar lights due to wiring concerns, but low-voltage lighting solutions are fairly inexpensive and widely available and are a great choice for lowering your energy bill.

Product Suggestion: Deck lights are very much selected based on personal taste.  Our selection of deck lights come in numerous styles and finished.  Some have a modern look, other more contemporary and some are even a bit whimsical.  Our deck lights are also available in a wide assortment of finishes including copper, brass, bronze and black to name a few. Once you have selected a style, be sure to count how many lights you will need and total up the total watts those lights will use so that you can be sure to get a transformer that can support that number of lights.  For instance, 10 lights at 10 watts each will require a 100 watt or better transformer.  Usually it is better to go bigger to allow room for adding lights.

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