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Floating Flashlights

Floating, waterproof flashlights are ideal for fishermen or when camping near water. Several standards can describe the waterproof quality of flashlights:

  • Marine flashlights must meet the A-16 the standard or ASTM approval F1014-86.
  • Waterproof flashlights must meet W-F-421 (GSA) (FSS) standards.
  • Military-grade waterproof flashlights need to meet military standard MIL-F-3747 or MIL-L-573.

 All floating flashlights need to be waterproof but not all waterproof flashlights are built to float. Be sure that your waterproof fishing flashlight has been built to float.


Some waterproof flashlights, such as military-style flashlights, are army green and will be very hard to find if dropped. It is recommended that fishing flashlights be brightly colored so they can be found easily.


Some floating flashlights are designed to turn on when they are dropped in the water to make them easier to find. Some have a shock-absorbing rubber head or body or both. Some are designed to shine even when the lens is placed down.  A few have bumpers in the body to prevent rolling.  An ideal fishing flashlight will have all of these features and at a reasonable price. Floating flashlights that are crank-powered do not seem to be available so don’t forget to bring extra batteries and, possibly, a battery charger.