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Get Outdoors and Learn About Solar Power!

For billions of years, the sun has been producing energy, which is necessary for survival on Earth. You have probably heard about solar energy but do you know what it is? Solar energy is simply the sun’s rays. The energy from these rays can be harnessed to produce other forms of energy like electricity and heat.

Nowadays, energy conservation is a big part of environmental conservation. Solar energy can be used to heat water, heat spaces, and heat fluids. It can also be converted into electricity via “solar cells’ or solar power plants. The use of solar energy is beneficial because it doesn't produce carbon-dioxide or air pollutants and it’s easily available in many places. In this way, it has minimal effect on the environment. Check out the following links to learn more about solar power.

Solar Power Basics

  • Solar: Explains the basics of solar power like where it’s found, solar cells, solar plants, and more.
  • Solar Power: An overview of solar power with link to make your own solar oven, and more.
  • Energy Story: Provides basic information on solar power.
  • Electricity from the Sun: Describes the interesting process in which solar energy is transformed into electricity.
  • Answers: Offers answers to 15 commonly asked questions about solar power.
  • Basic Information: Here’s a brief discus of solar energy.
  • Solar Power at Home: Seven things you have to do to have solar power at home.
  • More on Solar Energy: Discusses about where solar energy comes from, photovoltaic energy, solar thermal energy, and more.
  • Sun Power: Offers basic information about solar power and more.
  • Alternative Energy: An excellent place to learn about solar energy.

Solar Power and Renewable Energy

  • Smart Energy Use: Come here to find out why it’s important to conserve energy.
  • Renewable Energy: Interactive explanations of various types of renewable energy resources, including solar energy.
  • Saving Energy: Highlights some of the things you can do to save energy.
  • How Energy Efficient Are You?: Play this fun game to find out!
  • Renewable & Nonrenewable Energy: Interactive program to learn more about renewable energy sources including solar energy.
  • Renewable Sources of Energy: A look at various types of renewable sources of energy including wind, hydropower, solar, and more.
  • Make it Hot, Hot, Hot: Provides information on solar energy as renewable energy.
  • Energy Kids: A brief description of solar energy as renewable source of energy.
  • Using Solar Energy: Explains how solar energy is used in various ways.
  • Touchstone Energy: Interesting place for kids to learn about energy with videos, fun programs, and more.

Solar Power in Everyday Life

  • Solar Water Heating Calculator: Use this tool to find out how much money can be saved with solar water heating.
  • Solar Heater Challenge: In this project, children are challenged to build a solar hot water heater.
  • Solar Water Heaters: Explains how solar water heaters work with diagrams.
  • How Does Solar Work?: Shows how solar power is converted to electric power in homes.
  • People with Sun Power: Excellent place to learn about how solar panels work.
  • Thank You for Solar Power, Mr. Sun: Discusses how solar energy is used for various items.
  • Solar Toys: Check out these toys that don’t require batteries.
  • Micro Solar Cars: Provides information on original solar cars by Monte Ogdahl.
  • The Solar Car: Read about how Nuna became the ultimate 21st century car.
  • Alternative Vehicles: Luke Tonachel answers questions about hybrid cars, including the use of solar power.

Solar Power Experiments and More

  • Make a Sundial: Step-by-step instructions on how you can make a simple sundial.
  • Sundial: Try this easy activity to make your very own sundial.
  • Pizza Box Solar Oven: Shows how you can build this awesome apparatus.
  • Greenhouse Effect: Try this experiment to find out why a car gets so hot when it’s parked under the sun.
  • Building a Solar Oven: In this project, you have to build a solar oven and answer some related questions.
  • Solar Panel Experiments: Here are ten good reasons why you should make your own solar panels.
  • Solar Energy Science Projects: A number of projects to show you the various aspects of solar energy.
  • Sun Experiments: Learn how to make sun-cooked strawberry jam, sun goggles, a rainbow, fruit leather, and more!
  • Solar Still: Find out how you can turn sea water into drinkable water.
  • Solar Car Project: Build your first solar car in this project.