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Plants, The Sun, and Light: A Guide to Photosynthesis for Kids

Like all other living organisms, plants need nourishment, or food, to survive. When a plant creates its own food, it is called photosynthesis. There are many elements involved when a plant creates its food such as water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide. When these elements combine, photosynthesis takes place and a green plant receives the nourishment it needs to grow.

The process of photosynthesis begins with a plant absorbing sunlight. Parts of a plant called the chloroplasts help it to absorb the light it requires. Next, carbon dioxide and water are absorbed by a plant, which allows it to produce the sugar (or glucose) it needs to live. Not surprisingly, when a plant doesn't use all of the food, it is stored away in the roots or leaves. Finally, when photosynthesis takes place a plant releases oxygen. Each of these elements contributes to the significant process of photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis allows plant life to continue to grow and flourish. Furthermore, the abundant plant life on earth serves as food for animals as well as humans. In addition, the process of photosynthesis causes plants to absorb carbon dioxide while releasing life-giving oxygen into our atmosphere. Both animals and people need the nutrients contained in plants to develop strength and to grow in a healthy way. In short, the process of photosynthesis affects many life forms on earth.

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