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Top 10 Strangest Holiday Displays

Creativity, confusion or just plain bad taste; the holidays bring out the best and the worst in all of us.  Neighbors everywhere vie for the highest honor for the best Christmas decorations and most LED Christmas lights on display each year.  Many create elaborate designs that test their creativity and technology, but each tour bus that stops by makes it all worthwhile. 

Then there are those who are just way of the mark…

1. Santa on the Cross


Santa does seem to be the true hero of Christmas. Who else can travel around the whole world in one night giving all the good little boys and girls the presents they’ve been wanting all year. Why not let him take credit for saving us from our sins too?!

2. Love They Neighbor’s Display – Ditto


Who needs to spend the time to go all out on decorating your house for the holidays when your neighbors are kind enough to do it for you? Christmas is a time of giving and sharing right?  Let’s hope they don’t mind you sharing the credit for their work and creativity.

3. Keg Tree


Why go stand in the cold trying to find and chop down just the right Christmas tree when you could finally put all those empty beer kegs you’ve got sitting out back to good use?  You don’t have to worry about hiding the bare spot of the tree with this option!  A beer pull would be a nice touch for the top, and your sure for many happy visitors.

4. Pac-Man Tree


Plain, boring pine trees are so 2009! This year electronic trees are all the rage. This way they not only look pretty in your living room, they entertain you as well. Plus all the decorations are built in and you don’t have to keep them watered! Also available:  Space Invaders and Mario Brothers!

5. Under the Sea Tree


OK, maybe we don’t all have a 10 foot deep aquarium, but there are creatures under the water who have been good little boys and girls too, and they should get a tree to put their presents under just like us! Aren’t they living the high life? They get humans to do their decoration work, hook, line and sinker!

6. I’ve Been Meaning to Get a Better Ladder…


Whoops! A nice steady ladder is always a good investment when attempting to put lights on a two story house, but at least he as some nice heavy duty guttering! Don’t worry he isn’t real, but he will certainly catch your neighbors attention!

7. Beer Bottle Tree


The ultimate recycling project! This is how you make all the money you spent on beer for the Thanksgiving football game not go to waste. Reuse the bottles and create your own Christmas tree. Just be sure to stick to one brand, preferably with green bottles, the tree will look much classier that way!

8. Mobile Holiday Lights


When you decorate your house only people who drive by can see the pretty lights and Christmas yard decorations. That’s no fun! Why not spread the joy, a little and bring your lights and decorations to people everywhere you go!

9. Big Bass Santa


Christmas is only one day out of the entire year after all; Santa needs a hobby to keep him busy the other 364 days, after all he has elves to do all the toy-making work for him. Being Santa is stressful, what better way to relax than to go on a nice fishing trip?  Jimmy Houston would definitely approve!

10. You Know Dasher and Dancer and Farfegnugen


Having a sleigh with reindeer is not a privilege for only the high class. These people prove that a little will and determination, mixed with some strong trees and heavy duty wire, can get any version up in the air and on its way!